• 资料持续更新中......

  • 资料持续更新中......

  • 资料持续更新中......

  • 资料持续更新中......


1. Improvement of installation flange compatibility: the compatibility is improved from 1 flange to 3 flanges

2. The air path control module has an independent mounting surface and integrated tool air supply design

3. With the increase of three conical pins, the bending resistance is increased by 30% and the repeated positioning accuracy is increased by 50%

4. Increase the locking force by changing the angle of cam and steel ring: About 45.8% after upgrading

5. The number of self-made parts is reduced by 40%, and the degree of integration is higher

6. Cylinder detection: fixed inductive proximity switch, anti magnetic field interference, no adjustment required

7. Design of ontology integration tool hook

8. Expansion of safety function module, four options (two before upgrading)

9. Safety level improvement: SiL2 Cat3 PLD